Kitchen Important Functions

Utility Areas

The shelfs add plenty of extra storage to narrow rooms.

In small spaces a base unit with Presto table provides additional work space when you need it.

Tall Unit Cabinets

Larder Unit

Pantry with Internal Drawer

Party Cargo Unit

Broom / Applicance Cupboard

Corner Solutions

Quaturis L Corner

System 122 Corner

System 522

Magic Corner

DWD Accessories

Roller Shutter

LED Glass Cabinates

The LED glas lit panel provides consistent illumination for both the glass cabinet and the work area.

Various Counter Heights

In determining the correct working height for the individual kitchen activities, it is the placement of the elbow – not the physical height of the person – that is decisive.

We quickly determine the ergonomically proper working height. You will find an active working heights of the base units also in our kitchen.

Eating Tables

With a large selection of table frames and support legs you can tailor your dining tables and attachment tables to fit your personal needs and taste. Table frames come in fixed dimensions or as variable solution for custom table sizes. Matching bench bases for seating solutions are available for most systems. Thus, you can design your entire dining area solution in your favourite décor to coordinate with your new kitchen.