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Vionaro – the cubist drawer system from Grass

Function + Perfect form = Vionaro

Beauty, love of detail, movement precision, perfect industrial manufacturing – scarcely another movement system combines rational and emotional aspects in such a harmonic way as the new drawer system from GRASS. In Vionaro, functional technology coincides with perfect form.

Nova Pro - The complete drawer range with precision and individuality

The double-wall drawer sides guarantee optimum lateral stability, synchronised movement, silent running and virtually limitless design possibilities. Various colour options, different materials, design features and shapes, supplemented by numerous high-quality add-on and dividing systems - the creative scope makes Nova Pro an inspiration for the furniture design of today.

When combined with the GRASS comfort systems Tipmatic or Sensomatic, Nova Pro becomes a drawer system that already meets the functional requirements of tomorrow.

Nova Pro Scala incorporates the best of Nova Pro.

. And much more besides!

Exceptional product solutions are the result of a continuous capacity to innovate and an awareness for the needs of our customers.

At the same time, it is wise to keep to the successful path when taking products forward which have established themselves as visionary innovations. When – as in the case of Nova Pro – the concept has shown itself to be the right one for a decade, it is essential for any changes to be well thought through. Our developers therefore set out to make sure the proven technology inside the high-tech drawers occupies the minimum amount of space, the aim being to give furniture designers the maximum possible scope for their creativity. This has given rise to an evolution based on the well-known Nova Pro concept: Nova Pro Scala.

The versatile comprehensive drawer range offers maximum comfort.

. And much more besides!

The outstanding running characteristics of the slide and the elegant design of the drawer sides combine to form a comprehensive drawer system of the highest quality. Various colours, combined with numerous high-quality add-on and dividing systems - all harmoniously coordinated - these are the ingredients for individuality, comfort and lifestyle. DWD XP offers outstanding quality, maximum design freedom and innovative functional solutions for modern furniture making.